Glide, an Inclusive bar

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Project Description

Glide was a concept I developed with a group of two other students in my third studio studying Industrial Design at Georgia Tech. The idea behind Glide is that bartenders have to be remarkably physically-abled. We strove to design a bar that could be used by anyone, bartender or customer, physically abled or physically disabled. To accomplish this goal, we surveyed and observed bartenders to discover what tasks could be made easier through the environment. In the end, our concept involved a tiered bar, which allowed people of all heights to comfortably use the bar, and it provided a pretty cool way to slide drinks from one end of the bar to the other. The liquor is stored in an overhead well, and dispensing it is controlled by pressing a glass onto a coaster on the bar. Finally, we designed a cart to store clean glasses, dirty glasses, waste, and empty bottles that can be easily transported from the kitchen area to the bar. Overall, we aimed to create a fun, beautiful design concept for a bar that doesn’t discriminate against disabled patrons or bartenders. Although the concept work came from a group project, I created the 3D model in SolidWorks and renderings in BunkSpeed Hypershot on my own.