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Project Description

EduTech is the new department for Master’s students studying Educational Technology at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. They contacted me to create their brand presence, including a logo, website, business cards, PowerPoint template, and letterhead. The initial design requirements were the use of the orange and blue colors as well as an aesthetic matching to Saarland University’s website. I developed a few identity elements which to be used on all of the department’s materials, providing a cohesive, fresh brand.

EduTech contacted me to create their entire brand presence. I worked closely with the department head to create a meaningful logo, which set the tone for the rest of the brand elements. The logo design process went through several stages, beginning rough initial conceptualization and ending with a decision matrix—displaying an 8 x 6 grid with subtle variations on the font and color choices for the logo to make the perfect combination. I used the style from the logo and created a few more elements to be used on the rest of the identity materials–business cards, PowerPoint templates, letterhead, email signatures, etc. EduTech’s parent department—the Department of Education—also contacted me in this time to develop a logo to be used on their website.