Mach Speed, kitchen appliance trio

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Project Description

The Mach Speed line of kitchen appliances is a project that came out of my last studio as an Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech. The project requirements were to develop a “family” of kitchen appliances that fit together thematically and aesthetically. I developed a set of high-performance, high tech products to appeal to home chefs. Each appliance on its own can actually perform multiple functions by using different attachments. For example, the Kitchen Machine employs a high-power motor, so any spinning attachment can be connected. That means that this lone machine could be your blender, food processor, mixer, ice cream maker, and juicer all in body. To develop the key-points for each concept, I researched competing products through consumer reviews at and patent searches. To add more depth to the project, I went back and developed a kettle attachment and interface for the induction heater. I created all of the 3D models in SolidWorks and digitally rendered them using BunkSpeed Hypershot.